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In December 2013, the Communication Research Center was established under the Center of Excellence within the Near East University to provide an academic perspective to many topics / problems on communication basis, and to establish a scientific resource with its publications.

The objectives of the Center are:

  • To carry out all kinds of scientific and applied research studies in order to follow international developments and studies in the field of mass communication and to contribute to the development of teaching through the center.
  • Through the means of the mass media; to contribute to the development of cooperation with all stakeholders and to their integration with the society.
  • Organize national and international congresses, symposiums, conferences, panels and similar scientific meetings.
  • Promote scientific and artistic research at national and international level and make scientific and artistic publications related to the field.
  • To explore and present opportunities to provide scientific and artistic contributions to urban culture and social development.
  • To contribute to the corporate culture, identity and reputation management of the university.
  • To develop social responsibility projects within the faculty.

For the purposes of the Center, the following activities are carried out:

  • To exchange information with public and private institutions and organizations. To be able to make scientific researches and researches based on scientific methods and methods, to prepare scientific opinions, projects, reports and similar subjects.
  • To conduct written, visual and audio broadcasting activities and to plan, conduct and advise multi-purpose communication campaigns.
  • Organizing courses, seminars, conferences, congresses, symposiums and similar activities at national and international level.
  • To carry out other duties and studies to be given by the authorized bodies of the university and the center,
  • To create a library and a documentation center to provide academicians and researchers who want to conduct research in the field of communication in the academic sense.
  • To present the research results to the public interest.
  • To make reports, bulletins, projects, books, journals and similar publications related to measurement and evaluation by cooperating with national and international organizations,
  • To carry out trainings in order to improve communication skills of organizations in various sectors.
  • To cooperate with non-governmental organizations operating in the field of communication and to carry out joint works.
  • A free discussion environment is created, research proposals are developed and suggestions are evaluated in the Communication Research Center with the large and competent staff of Near East University Faculty of Communication staff and graduate students. Following the progress of the studies, the scientific report is shared in appropriate environments.

Scientific Research carried out by the Communication Research Center:
Hıfzı Topuz Project

Documentary movie