There are 4 classrooms for 80 and 3 classrooms for 50 people, one computer lab with 45 computers, graphics laboratory with20 computer, Accessible Cinema and Activity Center for 20 people, 1 photographic laboratory, 200-person multi-purpose planned, main registers TV studio and is a complex equipped with 2 full-capacity registers and a broadcast studio with professional lighting system, equipped with all the modern facilities of the age.

Our mission is to train the individuals who can conduct various research at the university level; who are sensitive to social issues, exploring, questioning; who can adopt professional ethics, values and who gained all aspects of communication processes on the basis of a modern and democratic system of thought.


  • Adherence to the Revolutions and Principles of Atatürk
  • Scientific Freedom
  • Participation and cooperation
  • Reliability and accuracy
  • Transparency and respect for human rights